Web Development

With this code shown below…

sitewallcontrcodeNotice the middle of the page (code lines 14-16). The CSS code was used to make the index page text appear white, under the pseudo class “whitetext”.

…the uploaded index page of 8 Bit Great NES now shows up on the Web browser with white text, controller clip art, and a Super Mario pixel wall background.


I noticed white is always a better choice for text color when putting up a darker background. At first, I was considering making the wallpaper have a tile layout, but instead opted to enlarge the background image.

The NES controller at the top of the screen shot was one of the few public domain renditions available on the Web.

NOTE: To avoid data overload on WordPress, take screen shots of the files to be displayed rather than try to upload the files themselves. The pictures on this site are mostly in formats like .png, .gif, and .jpeg, which WordPress can more easily handle.

The first task to demonstrate web development proficiency using 8 Bit Great NES is to cover the fundamentals of HTML using the home page. As of this post, it now has a gray background, shown below:


So far, text, font family, background color, and a small table were used to make this home page. As I said, it’s early, and this will look better in due course. Stay tuned.


My experimental web site is called 8 Bit Great NES, a fictitious NES fan site- designed to be a web development skill demonstration more than it is a fan site.

Here are two shots:

This image is the source code of the website.

Underneath the site, it looks like this:


When the code is run in Firefox, this is what you get:


Yes, it’s very bland to begin, but I purposely have started the site this way. It will look different (and often) as time goes on. More about this site will follow soon.